Arizona Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Residents of Arizona are eligible to apply for a payday loan over the internet. The state however, holds the regulation of how a lender is able to conduct himself before the borrower as well as the general public. Mentioned below are the legal terms of the loans in Arizona:

- The amount that can be borrowed by a resident of Arizona can be anywhere between $50 to $500.
- The loan amount should be explained with clear detail, it should be transparent and properly cataloged.
- The terms of the loan should be made available in a public forum/ platform.
- All additional costs, such as the closing costs as well as the total costs, should be mentioned beforehand.
- The maximum closing cost that can be charged is 19% of the total loan amount.
- The APR, or the annual percentage rate, should be mentioned in clear detail.

Arizona Consumer Protection

Arizona Department of Financial Institutions
Financial Enterprises Division, 2910 N. 44th Street, Suite 310
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: (800) 544-0708

Interesting Facts About Arizona
  1. There are more mountain peaks and summits in Arizona than there are in any other mountainous state.
  2. This state is large enough that all of New England, and Pennsylvania could fit inside its borders.
  3. This was the forty eight state to join the union in February of 1912.
  4. This state contains more wilderness areas than anywhere else in the Midwest. As a matter of fact, Arizona has 90 designated wilderness areas where the Midwest can only claim 50.
  5. More than 26 peaks in this state are higher than 10,000 feet.
  6. The largest continuous stand of ponderosa pines in the world are located between Flagstaff and the Mogollon Run.
  7. The climate here can produce the highest temperature in the nation and the lowest temperature in the nation all in one twenty four hour period.
  8. This state is the 6th largest in the nation.
  9. The economy in this state is said to be supported by the five ‘Cs”, cattle, copper, citrus, cotton, climate.
  10. This state is one of the largest producers of lettuce and winter produce.
  11. There is more copper mined in this state than there is in all of the other states combined.
  12. This state has the largest amount of lands that are designated as Indian lands, or lands that are set aside for the Native Americans that first inhabited the state.
  13. The notorious gunslinger, Billy the Kid, is said to have murdered his first man in Bonita. The murdered man was Windy Cahill.
  14. The world’s largest telescope is located at Kitt Peak National Observatory.
  15. Be careful what cactus plants you chop down when you are visiting here, because if you chop down one of the protected species you can be jailed for a year.
  16. The largest privately owned ostrich ranch in the world, outside of the ones in Africa, is the Rooster Coburn Ostrich Ranch located in Picacho.
  17. The southernmost ski resort in the United State is Mount Lemmon.
  18. In the 1960s the bridge known as the London Bridge was replaced, and the original bridge was dismantled, shipped, and then reconstructed in Arizona in Lake Havasu City.
  19. The deepest dam in the world is Parkers dam at a depth of 320 feet.
  20. The first active retirement community designed for persons over the age of 55 was constructed here in 1960.
  21. The official state fossil is petrified wood.
  22. This state has the best preserved meteor crater in the world.
  23. Camels were brought into the state in the 1850s and used to explore what would become the route known as route 66.
  24. The worst range war, and family feud of the west was fought here. Ironically this awful war occurred in Pleasant Valley.
  25. The oldest continuous franchise in the national Football League is the Arizona Cardinals. Their franchise dates back to 1898.
  26. The first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court was Sandra Day O’Connor. She grew up in Arizona near Duncan.
  27. The largest cactus found in the United States grows here. It is the Saguaro and can grow as tall as a five story building.
  28. This state may get as few as three inches of rain per year in the desert areas and as many as thirty inches of rainfall in the mountain areas.
  29. When Phoenix originated it was to serve as a hay camp and military supply post.
  30. The world’s tallest Kachina doll is located here. It stands in Carefree and is completely made of concrete.
  31. The first barrel of tequila ever produced in the United Stated happened here in 1936.
  32. There are only two national heritage areas west of the Mississippi and downtown Yuma happens to be one of them.
  33. Kartchner Caverns has the world’s longest soda straw stalactites. It measures 21 feet and 3 inches.
  34. The world’s oldest rodeo is from Prescott.
  35. The longest county in the United States is Apache County that stretched 221 miles. It spans from the Utah border to just south of Alpine.
  36. More species of rattlesnake live in this state than in any other. There are thirteen known species of rattlesnake living here.
  37. The two largest man-made lakes are Lake Mead and Lake Powell.

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