Delaware Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Max. Loan Amount: $500
Loan Tenure: No more than 60 days.
Rollovers: Max. 4
Collection fees: NSF and court awarded fee
Maximum number of outstanding loans: No more than $1000

Delaware Consumer Protection

General’s Office — Consumer Protection Unit
State Office Building
820 N. French Street, 5th Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (302) 577-8600

Interesting Facts About Delaware
  1. Delaware was the first state to ratify the united States constitution.
  2. The first scheduled steam railroad in the nation began in 1831 in New Castle
  3. This is the only state that has no national park systems in it.
  4. The Methodist Church of America was organized here in 1784.
  5. One of the most enduring images that brings to mind the American frontier is the log cabin. Although the log cabin is an original Finland item. When the Finnish settlers cane to Delaware they brought with them the plans for these cabins and they began to erect them here. One of the original cabins is on display at the Agricultural Museum in Dover.
  6. The state bird is the blue hen chicken. Because of this bird the state is often referred to as the blue hen state.
  7. The state bug is the ladybug.
  8. The first white settlement was not established here until eleven years after the landing of the English Pilgrims.
  9. Oliver Evans invented the automatic flour milling machinery that revolutionized the industry of flour making. This happened in 1785.
  10. The state song is Our Delaware. The words of the song were penned by George Hynson, and the musical notes were penned by William Brown.
  11. This state is 96 miles long and can be anywhere from three miles wide to 35 miles wide.
  12. The official state flower is the peach blossom.
  13. The state tree is the American Holly.
  14. A famous coastal caramel popcorn is made here, and people as far away as Vietnam have purchased orders of it.
  15. In 1880 the Fenwick Island Lighthouse was painted for a total cost of around five dollars. This is an 87 foot tall structure.
  16. Thomas garret was reported to have aided in the escape of more than 2,000 fugitive slaves as a part of the Underground Railroad. He was eventually sued by a slave owner and lost his entire fortune.
  17. The state is nicknamed the peach state.
  18. During World War II there were twelve concrete conservation towers constructed along the coat to aid in the spotting of German U-boats.
  19. The official state colors are blue and buff.
  20. There was a frying pan built here in 1950 to be used in a competition at the Delmarva Chicken Festival that is ten feet in diameter and will hold more than one hundred and eighty gallons of oil and eight hundred chicken quarters at one time.
  21. The breakwater at Cape Henlopen was the first structure of this type to be constructed in any of the states.
  22. The first Miss United States contest was held on Rehoboth Beach, and Thomas Edison was a judge.
  23. The very first John Deere tractor resides at the Mesick Agricultural Museum
  24. This state has more people who hold Ph.D.’s than any other state.
  25. Delaware is home to the prehistoric horseshoe crab. The creature has evolved very little since the prehistoric days. They are capable of going an entire year without eating and they can survive temperatures that will kill most other animals.
  26. This is one of the few states that does not charge a state sales tax. They are joined by Alaska, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Montana in foregoing the state sales taxes as revenue.
  27. The first time that a replica of the United States flag was seen flying was in 1777 here in Delaware.
  28. There is a law making it illegal for women to wear pants that are firm fitting at the waist
  29. It is illegal to marry someone on a dare in this state.
  30. Horse races are outlawed on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday.
  31. There is a law that forbids flights that do not provide adequate food and drink to the passengers on board.
  32. It is illegal for a drive in movie establishment to show a movie that has an R rating in this state.
  33. The state motto is liberty and independence.
  34. A resident of this state is called a Delawarean.
  35. It became a state in December of 1787.
  36. The state covers one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five square miles.

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