Idaho Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Following are the laws set by the state of Idaho:

- Maximum loan allowed: $1000
- Loan term unspecified
- No limit on APR per $100
- Number of outstanding loans allowed: unspecified
- Three allowable renewables (rollovers)
- $20 NSF collection fee

Since there's no maximum allowable rate for fees, lenders have freedom to charge whatever amount they want. No cooling off period is specified, and a repayment plan can be chosen by the lender. All lenders must adhere to these specifications.

Idaho Consumer Protection

Before going through with the transaction, borrowers must verify the identity of the lender. The Idaho Department of Finance monitors all laws and regulations pertaining to payday loans.

Idaho Department of Finance
Consumer Finance Bureau at 800 Park Boulevard, Suite 200m
Boise, ID 83712
Phone: (208) 332-8000

Interesting Facts About Idaho
  1. Idaho is the only state that has a Great Seal that was designed by a woman.
  2. The longest main street in the country exists in Island Park. It is 33 miles long.
  3. Just about everyone knows that Idaho is number one in the production of potatoes, but many people do not know that this is the number one state for producing lentils, and for producing trout.
  4. There is a law on the Idaho state books that says a man should not consider giving a woman a box of candy that weighs more than fifty pounds.
  5. It is illegal to fish while you are sitting on the back of a camel in this state.
  6. The state tree is the western white pine.
  7. This state is home to the deepest river gorge that runs through the North American Continent. HELL’S Canyon is 7,900 feet deep and that is deeper than the famous Grand Canyon.
  8. The largest wilderness area that exists in 48 contiguous states is the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. It encompasses 2.3 million acres of virgin back country.
  9. 63% of the land in this state is public land that is under the control of the federal government.
  10. Five of the most frequently traveled pioneer trails, including the Oregon Trail, crossed the southern section of Idaho. The ruts left by the wagons are still visible in some places.
  11. The first alpine ski lift was erected in Sun Valley by engineers of the Union Pacific Railroad. It was erected back in 1936, and the charge to ride the chairlift was one quarter.
  12. In Pocatello it is illegal for a person to be seen outside of their home without a smile on their face.
  13. The vast majority of all trout that is produced in the United States come from Hagerman Valley.
  14. Shoshone Falls drops farther than Niagara Falls does. Shoshone falls has a drop that is 52 feet further than the one at Niagara.
  15. It is illegal in this state for a person over the age of 88 to ride a motorcycle.
  16. It is illegal for the residents of Boise to fish from the back of a giraffe.
  17. One of the biggest diamonds ever found in the United States was found near McCall. The diamond was almost 20 karats.
  18. The Pulaski, which is a mattock-axe tool that is used by firefighters was invented after the Wallace fire of 1910.
  19. Lana Turner was born in this state. She was born Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner, and changed her name when she started acting.
  20. The official state fruit is the huckleberry.
  21. This state is home to the world’s largest man-made geyser.
  22. Rigby is well-known as the birthplace of television. This is because this is the hometown of the man who pioneered television, Philo T. Farnsworth.
  23. The tallest single structure sand dune exists in Bruneau Dunes State Park.
  24. The most dense population of nesting eagles, hawks, and falcons reside at the Birds of Prey Wildlife Area in this state.
  25. The Appaloosa horse was first bred here by the Nez Perce Indians to use as a war horse.
  26. In Eagle it is against the law to sweep dirt from your house into the street.
  27. In Coeur d Alene if an officer of the law suspects that the occupants of a motor vehicle are engaged in sexual activity the police officer must warn the people by flashing their lights, or honking their horn, and then they must wait an additional three minutes before approaching the car.
  28. It is illegal to ride your bicycle on a tennis court in Eagle.
  29. In Eagle it is unlawful to pitch a camp on a sidewalk.
  30. In Pocatello you may not carry a concealed weapon unless you also carry a weapon that is visible.
  31. Residents from this state are called Idahoans.
  32. The Cataldo Mission is the oldest building in the state.
  33. The state flower is the Syringa.
  34. In 1907 Teddy Roosevelt established the Caribou National Forest that covers one million acres.
  35. This state has many ghost towns in it. Silver City is one of the more famous ones.

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