Maryland Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Payday Loans Status: Prohibited
Consumer loan act applies.
Md. Code Com. Law § 12-101 et seq.

Small Loan Rate Cap:

2.75% per month; 33% per year.

Maryland Consumer Protection

Regulator: Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation
Address: 500 North Calvert Street Suite 402
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: (410) 230-6100
Fax: (410) 333-3866
Regulator’s Website:
Complaint Form: Fill Form

Interesting Facts about Maryland
  1. Familiarly known as “The Old Line State”, a name bestowed by President George Washington in honor of the success of the Maryland line troops in the Revolutionary War, Maryland is one of the smallest, and most densely populated states in the United States of America.
  2. Maryland is believed to have gotten its name from Mary, mother of Jesus by George Calvert, who was the 1st Lord of Baltimore. Other stories go that the Lord received a charter from King Charles, specifying that the new colony be named in honor of King Charles’s wife Queen Henrietta Maria.
  3. Baltimore, Maryland’s largest city, played host to America’s first balloon ascension in 1784. It was successfully manned by 13-year old Edward Warren.
  4. In 1727, The Maryland Gazette was founded which is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States today.
  5. Baltimore has the proud distinction of being home to America’s first post office system which was inaugurated in 1774.
  6. University of Maryland, College Park, one of the most sought after schools for students around the globe today, first came into being as an agricultural research institute, the first of its kind in United States, established by Charles Benedict Calvert in 1856.
  7. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine located in Maryland, is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious schools for medicine in the United States. It comes as no surprise then that the first female professor of medicine, Dr. Florence Rina Sabin, hailed from this school.
  8. In addition to the many firsts highlighting Maryland’s history, it is also the wealthiest states in the nation, boasting of the highest median household income in the country.
  9. America’s national anthem was written by Dr. Francis Scott Key, a Maryland lawyer. She was also the writer of the popular song “The Star-Spangled Banner”.
  10. Annapolis, capital of Maryland, is also referred to as the sailing capital of the world.
  11. America’s favorite baseball star, Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore and is an alumnus of St. Mary’s Industrial School.
  12. The highest point in Maryland is 3360 feet above sea level, located in Garret County on Backbone Mountain. The absolute lowest point in Maryland is a depression, called Bloody Point Hole, 174 feet below sea level. The area is located approximately one mile west-southwest of the southern tip of Kent Island in Queen Anne's Count.
  13. Besides being renowned as the sailing capital of the world, Annapolis was also known as the Athens of America, and once served as the capital of the United States.
  14. Smith Island is Maryland’s off-shore inhabited island and is situated in Chesapeake Bay, the largest body of water in Maryland. The major source for this bay is the Susquehanna River which is the largest non-navigable river in Maryland.
  15. Maryland was given its epithet "Free State" in 1919 when Congress passed a law prohibiting the sale and use of alcohol. Marylanders were against prohibition as they believed it was a violation of their rights.
  16. Jousting, a competition in which contestants in armor mounted on horses fight each other with lances, is Maryland’s state sport. It has been enjoyed in Maryland for 300 years.
  17. Maryland is famous for its amazing seafood, most popularly crabs. Vendors sell nearly as many crab-cakes as other popular fast food items like hamburgers during lunch time on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay.
  18. Maryland's Mount Clare Station was the first railway station in the United States and was built in Baltimore in 1830.
  19. Baltimore produced America’s first practical refrigerator in 1803, first umbrella business in 1828, the first coal powered steam engine in 1830, and the first electric railway in 1893.
  20. America’s first professional sports organization, The Maryland Jockey Club, was founded in Baltimore in 1743.
  21. The Baltimore Basilica of Assumption, the first Catholic cathedral in the United States, is located in Baltimore.
  22. Baltimore’s Washington Monument, located in Mount Vermon is the first civic monument dedicated to President George Washington.
  23. Baltimore is the birthplace of Reginald F. Lewis who was the first African to own a billion dollar company. The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History was named in honor of him.
  24. In Baltimore, it is illegal to throw bales of hay from the second story window.

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