Washington Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Check out the following regulations before applying for a payday loan in Washington:

- Max Borrowing: 30% of gross monthly income, or $700 (whichever is less)
- Loan term: 45 days
- Max finance rates/ fees: 15% of the first $500, 10% of the loan amount less $500, up till $700 maximum
- Finance Charge for $100 in 14 days: $15
- APR for $100 in 14 days: 390%
- No rollovers
- Collection fees: Damages; NSF fee, Court costs and collection costs

Washington Consumer Protection

If you have any complaints or difficulties against payday loan lenders, you can establish contact with the Washington Department of Financial Institutions in order to lodge a complaint.
You can also file a complaint online by visiting the following page:
You can also find more information on how to protect yourself from harmful payday lenders by visiting the official payday loans website of the DFI:

Interesting Facts About Washington
  1. Washington state was named in honor of President George Washington.
  2. Steve miller is from this state. Adam West is also from this state, along with Ahmad Rashad, Bob barker, Bing Crosby and Quincy Jones.
  3. The state fruit is the apple.
  4. This was the first state to play music by the Beatles on the radio.
  5. The state tree is the western hemlock.
  6. Bill Gates lives in Medina.
  7. The biggest coffee chain in the world was founded in Seattle.
  8. Boeing is the company that designed the lunar rover used by the astronauts and they are based in Seattle.
  9. The deepest gorge in North America is 5,000 feet deep. It is Hell’s Canyon.
  10. The only rainforests in the continental United States is located here.
  11. When the tide is low you can see 786 islands in the Pungent Sound. These islands are served by the largest ferry fleet in the United States.
  12. Washington is the leading state for producing lumber in the United States. Douglas fir and hemlock are some of the popular trees grown here.
  13. Eight percent of the total amount of glacial ice in the United States is found here.
  14. Aberdeen had the distinction of being labeled the roughest town west of the Mississippi because of the gambling, brawling, and other activities people engaged in here. Until the 1980s military personnel were forbidden to go to Aberdeen when they were on leave.
  15. The amount of church going people is lower here than it is in any other state.
  16. The largest dam in the United States is located here.
  17. This state is one of the seven that has no personal income tax.
  18. Mount Saint Helens is located in Washington. In May of 1980 this volcano erupted and caused billions of dollars-worth of property damage, and resulted in the tragic deaths of 57 people.
  19. Washington is number one in the production of dry edible peas, red raspberries, spearmint oil, sweet cherries, lentils and apples.
  20. In Everett it is illegal to display a hypnotized person in a store window.
  21. The first revolving restaurant to be constructed in the United States was built in Seattle.
  22. In this state it is illegal to paint polka dots on the United States flag.
  23. This state is home to 145 state parks.
  24. The National Register of Historic Places lists 1,462 different places here of historic relevance.
  25. There are 13 national parks in the state.
  26. There are 17 natural National Landmarks in this state.
  27. The first picture published of an alleged flying saucer was taken on July 4th of 1947 by Frank Ryman. Ryman was a United States Coast Guard Yeoman that was off-duty at the time he saw the object in the back yard of his home in Lake City.
  28. No other state produces the quantity of apples that this state produces.
  29. Microsoft has its headquarters in Redmond.
  30. Spokane hosted the World’s Fair in 1974. When compared by size this is the smallest city to ever host a World’s Fair.
  31. If you have a cold when you are in this state then you need to stay home, because it is illegal to go out into public with a cold.
  32. The state fish is the steel head trout.
  33. The state dance is the square dance.
  34. The state vegetable is the Walla Walla sweet onion.
  35. Native Americans once called the area where the state capitol of Olympia is located, the black bear place.
  36. There are five major volcanoes located here including Mount Saint Helens. They are Cascade Range, Mount Adams, Mount Rainier, and Glacier Peak.
  37. Was admitted into the union in 1889.
  38. This state had the last state capitol building to be constructed with a rotunda.
  39. The world’s largest building is located here.
  40. Before it became a state it was called Columbia instead of Washington.
  41. The longest floating bridge in the world is located here. It is the Governor Albert D. Rossellini Bridge located at Evergreen Point. This is the bridge that makes the connection between Seattle and medina across the expanse of Lake Washington.

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