Wisconsin Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to lenders and borrowers in Wisconsin:

- Max borrowing: 35% Gross monthly income or $1500 inclusive of fees, whichever is lesser
- Loan tenure: Less than or equal to 90 days
- Finance charge for 14 day $100 loan: unlimited
- APR for 14 day $100 loan: unlimited
- Finance rate and fees Maximum: unlimited
- Maximum number of outstanding loans at a time: Unlimited
- Rollover: One
- Cooling off period: 24 hour period after last payment of renewed loans
- Repayment Plan: 4 monthly installments, no extra payment. One payment plan allowed each year.
- $15 NSF collection fee

Borrowers must discuss certain aspects with the lender before finalizing the agreement.

Wisconsin Consumer Protection

The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions handles all queries, complaints and problems pertaining to the payday loan sector of the industry. You can establish contact via phone, fax, email or through their official website.

Wisconsin Consumer Act Section, P.O. Box 8041
Madison, WI 53708
Phone: (608) 261-9555    
Fax: (608) 261-7200
Website: http://www.wdfi.org

Read through the laws and regulations that are in place for payday lenders and borrowers to protect yourself against any fraudulent activities.

Interesting Facts About Wisconsin
  1. If all of the streams and rivers in this state were placed end to end there would be an ample length to wrap around the earth at the equator.
  2. The Nation’s largest water themed park is at Noah’s Ark located in Wisconsin Dells.
  3. The Ginseng Capitol of the world is in Wausau.
  4. In 1867 in Milwaukee the practical typewriter was born.
  5. In 1882 at Fox River the first hydroelectric plant to be constructed in the United States came to be.
  6. The Unidentified flying object capitol is located in Belleville.
  7. Potosi is considered to be the state catfish capitol.
  8. The first kindergarten in the United States was in Watertown and was established in 1856.
  9. This state is the dairy capitol of the nation.
  10. The ice cream sundae is said to have been invented here in Two Rivers.
  11. The constitution for this state was adopted in 1848 and is the oldest constitution of any state located west of the Allegheny Mountains.
  12. Green Bay is considered to be the toilet paper capitol of the world.
  13. The Bratwurst capitol of the world is located in Sheboygan.
  14. The spelling capitol of the world is Bonduel.
  15. The state cow chip throwing contest is held on Labor Day weekend each year in Prairie du Sac.
  16. The shipbuilding capitol of the world is in Sturgeon.
  17. Wisconsin is home to the internationally recognized Mustard Museum that is home to the largest collection of mustard in the world having more than 2,300 varieties of this condiment.
  18. The Loon capitol of the world is located in Mercer.
  19. The Milwaukee Summer fest is considered to be the nation’s largest music festival.
  20. Monroe has the honor of being the Swiss cheese capitol of the world.
  21. You will find the hamburger hall of fame in Seymour.
  22. Wisconsin is where the Republican Party was founded in 1854. This occurred in Ripon.
  23. The inner tubing capitol of the world is located in Somerset.
  24. In 1884 Wisconsin was home to the first Ringling Brothers Circus.
  25. Milwaukee is the birth place, and the home of the Harley Davidson Motorcycles.
  26. The jump rope capitol of the world is in Bloomer.
  27. Willows gave the world Barbie Millicent Roberts, better known as the original Barbie doll.
  28. More milk is produced here than is produced in any other state.
  29. The state tree is the sugar maple.
  30. The state mineral is galena.
  31. The state grain is corn.
  32. The state bird is the robin.
  33. The state dance is the polka.
  34. The state dog is the American Water Spaniel.
  35. The state insect is the honeybee.
  36. The state domestic animal is the dairy cow.
  37. The state animal is the badger.
  38. There are 72 counties within the borders of the state.
  39. Wisconsin was home to the Winnebago, the Menominee, and the Dakota Indians when it was first discovered in 1634.
  40. There are 14,000 lakes and 7,446 streams and rivers in this state.
  41. Is the state with the most German Americans residing in it.
  42. Is home to the architectural marvel known as the house on the rock. This structure is precariously perched on a 60 foot chimney of rock and is a 14 room house. The infinity room in this house has 3,264 windows in it.
  43. The largest ethnic group in the state is German with 42% followed by 10% Irish, 9% Polish, 8% Norwegian, and 6% English.
  44. Eagle River is the snowmobile capitol of the world.
  45. There are more than 15,200 miles of signed, groomed, highways for the travel by snowmobiles.
  46. This was the 30th state to join the union in 1848.
  47. The capitol of Wisconsin in Madison.
  48. It is nicknamed the badger state.
  49. It covers 65503 square miles.
  50. Was first settled by the French.
  51. The state song was written by William T. Purdy and Charles D. Rosa. It is entitled “On Wisconsin”.
  52. In 1871 a forest fire in Peshtigo killed more than one thousand people and did property damages to about $5 million worth of property.

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