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Fast cash advances have grown into something bigger than just a fast financial relief. They have turned into the major global consumer trend with millions of borrowers across the world. According to the latest stats, borrowers from different countries spend a bit more than $8.3 billion a year! Customers turn to more than 30,000 lending opportunities available both at storefronts and online.

Clients opt for fast cash assistance for various reasons. It does not actually matter whether you need to cover running bills or meet unexpected cash emergencies. Payday loans online come as a fast financial relief without extra struggles if compared to conventional service provided by banks, credit unions, so forth. Cash advances have proved to be a quick solution to financial stumbling blocks without being a cash trap for consumers.

They have turned into an essential part of people’s daily lives with no need to cope with monthly repayment obligations. What lies behind this new financial trend? How will it change the way we handle our budgets? This article is to take readers behind the scene of financial services that are rapidly growing more and more popular.

Do the lenders deposit cash directly into my bank account?

Yes, to qualify for a payday loan you need you add your bank details. The lenders will deposit your cash into your bank account with no intermediaries.

Are the any restriction on what I can use the online loan for?

You can use the payday advance for anything you like but please be aware the interest rate clock is ticking. This means you should only use the cash in an emergency like a medical expense or car repair. An online payday loan is not mean for a night out of for general consumption.

Can I get an online loan from two different places?

Yes you may take multiple loans from multiple lenders and providing you have a history of repaying then there will not be any issues. It is not advisable to take out multiple loans unless you really have to. Short-term advances are only meant for short term financial expenses.

Can I go to jail for not repaying?

You will not go to jail if you fail to pay you loan. The US constitution protects citizens against jail for debts. Debt collection is not a criminal offense.

It is inadvisable to not repay your debts though as not repaying can end up with all sorts of civil actions, debt collectors and misery. You should always repay your debts if you are able to.

Do payday lenders take you to court?

Payday lenders do take borrowers to court but are reluctant to do so because of the cost involved. The decision will be on your outstanding balance, ability to repay. You may wind up in court with a judgement on you.

Is not repaying a payday loan a felony?

The only chance of getting a felony charge is if you fraudulently obtained loans in a criminal manner. Not repaying is a civil matter and would be dealt with in this manner.

Are payday loans online legit

All Loan Heavens’s lenders are legitimate lenders. Each state has it’s own criteria and licences for lending. Lenders who are in our network should have a licence.

Are payday loans online safe?

Rest assured that our encrypted loan software is safe. We protect your data from end to end. The only person who gets your data is the final lender. We know that these sensitive details such as your bank and SS  number are.

Payday loans without an online bank account?

Previously you could only get a payday loan with a checking account. This was the easiest way to send and receive funds. You still need a savings account in order to get a loan. You need to consider than in this day and age no lender is going to give you cash unless they are a bank or pawnbroker.

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